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The Return of the Archons (Star Trek: The Original Series) Review

Spock, you've gotten into a bad habit as of late. Habit? Get it?

Spock, you’ve gotten into a bad habit as of late. Habit? Get it?

Episode: The Return of the Archons – Season 1, Episode 21 (1967)

Director: Joseph Pevney

Teleplay: Boris Sobelman

Story: Gene Roddenberry

The Enterprise drops by Beta III to find out what happened to the Archon, a ship that disappeared in the system almost a century before. Instead, in the tradition of tourists everywhere, Kirk and the gang perpetrate the greatest crime of all: violation of the Prime Directive![1]

The episode opens with Sulu on the surface with Lt. O’Neil (Sean Morgan), running from robed assailants on what looks like an empty Midwestern street. Because that’s what you do in a first contact situation: send your helmsman with some panicky NCO. It doesn’t take Miss Cleo to predict which one makes it back to the ship.

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