Funny Reviews of Bad Movies is What we Do

Rental Rehab is a refuge for those who have grown weary of friends and professional critics who  pester them with recommendations for “fantastic,” “clever” and “well done” films. At Rental Rehab, you’ll find sanctuary from the scourge of cohesive plot progression, character development, continuity, sensible dialogue, accurate costuming, convincing acting and competent editing.

Rental Rehab is a place where bad movies can live in peace and harmony. Here, we give thoughtful time and attention to the films that others (if there are, in fact, others who have seen the movie) will tell you to “skip.” Or, watch “only on TNT when you’re hung over on a Sunday, or something.” Or, “Avoid at all costs, unless  you like the feeling of wanting to claw your eyes out after 20 minutes.”

Our reviewers, Kelli and Tricia, enjoy reviewing bad movies of all stripes, and welcome the recommendations of bad movie enthusiasts. Films with likable characters and triumphant cinematography need not apply.


5 responses to “About

  1. Alex Konen

    Just curious: How gay are you?

  2. Joshua

    I wonder if “Alex Konen” is a pseudonym, or this guy is dumb enough to use his own name.

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