What the World Needs Now is a Film About How We Are All Connected (And That Racism is Bad)

Another theme should probably be that peace is a good thing. (Credit: ion-bogdan dumitrescu)

Another major theme should probably be that peace is a good thing. (Credit: ion-bogdan dumitrescu)

OPINION/COMMENTARY – By a Hollywood Producer

It’s been an emotional week. Not gonna lie. What, with all the joy — and sadly, vitriol — surrounding the SCOTUS decision to knock down DOMA (Hooray for Chad and Brian! Cannot wait for the invite) and Wendy Davis’ courageous stand in Texas, it’s almost like something out of a Hollywood movie.

Speaking of, I believe what the world needs most — in this exact, powerful moment — is a film about how all of us are interconnected in some way. Also, it should say something about racism. More specifically, it should convey that racism is bad.

Let’s face it, in a world where everyone’s favorite saucy Southern Aunt Paula gets caught throwing around the N-word, we need more films that show the interconnectivity of all of our lives. This is true whether you’re a woman who made millions off of selling an image of wholesome butter, or whether you’re a low-wage food service employee from the suburbs of Atlanta. We are all connected.

That’s basically what this film will be about. That and the racism thing.

This movie — which should, for brevity’s sake, be limited to a single-word title — will star an ensemble cast. Obviously, there should be some racial diversity amongst the actors. But there also should be a good mix of ages and household name recognition. Throw together a few marquee names with some up-and-comers and some whoa-haven’t-seen-him-in-awhilers, as it were. Ideally, there should be at least one cast member playing against type. One idea would be Patrick Stewart as a racially-paranoid neighborhood-watch leader, but I’m just spit-balling here. You get the idea.

As Behemoth — or Mecca, or Jump; I haven’t really pinned down the title yet — unfolds, it will be revealed that a dozen or so sub-stories and characters interweave in ways that were not expected. Perhaps the audience learns that the curmudgeonly old white man who yells racial slurs at the Latino children in his neighborhood is actually the person who anonymously funded the heart surgery for his Guatemalan nurse’s sick child.

And perhaps the audience learns that the poor, young African American child who was struck in a hit-and-run in the inner city is actually being tended to by the Japanese doctor who was also the hit-and-run driver, and nobody knows this but him. Oh – oh! And also, the audience learns that the doctor was only in that neighborhood because he was was trying to find his runaway daughter who is addicted to crack — no wait; meth — and she is sleeping with the Guatemalan nurse’s brother who is her pimp. Or her priest. Or both? Maybe it should be the nurse’s sister instead. That’ll take some focus grouping.

The possibilities are endless. And the important thing here is that the audience learns. Specifically, they should learn that we are all connected and that racism is not a good thing.


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