TRON: Legacy – Nothing but a shiny waste of a fanboy’s time

Olivia Wilde TRON Legacy

The fact that this is in 3D will not render you any closer to actually getting to touch a girl that looks like this.

Editor’s Note: This week, Rental Rehab welcomes guest reviewer and TRON super-mega fan Vytautas Malesh who is not wholly pleased with the Mickey Mouse approved re-imaging of his beloved childhood favorite (which hits theaters today). The review comes to us via Mr. Malesh’s always witty blog, Sardonic Shock Syndrome.

TRON: Legacy (2010)



I saw it.

Really, what am I supposed to say about it?  That it was a masterfully told story that fully exploits the capabilities of the medium?  That it is a wunderkind of montage, managing to stay true to its origins while pushing the boundaries of its own mythologies?  I do not like to lie, and so I must admit that it is none of these.  It shoots for “pretty popcorn movie” and, I’m afraid, even manages to miss that mark.

A little back story here:  I love TRON.  Thanks to my friend M. Sillystring, I have an original TRON movie poster from 1982.  It is only not on my wall now because I cannot afford the solid gold, jewel-bedecked, crystal-faced frame that it deserves.  TRON completes my trinity of fanboy infatuations (right after Robotech and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles).  TRON is one of the first movies I remember seeing in a movie theatre (at the Strand in Sturgis, MI – I remember it that well).

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Hot Tron Legacy Girl Olivia Wilde

And one more for good measure....


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One response to “TRON: Legacy – Nothing but a shiny waste of a fanboy’s time

  1. Thanks for the sponsorship, ladies, and also for the giant picture of Olivia Wilde.

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