The Rental Rehab Thanksgiving Throwdown

Thanksgiving throwdown

Like March Madness, but in November and with no basketball.

Happy “Day Before 4-Day Weekend”/Bird Carcass Day! Here’s a fun way to kill 30 seconds of productivity as you prepare for a long weekend away from the office*:

*My original plan for a holiday post involved a screening of Thankskilling, a low-budget horror flick about a foul-mouthed homicidal turkey. Despite a hilariously wanton display of unnecessary female Pilgrim nudity in the very first frame, Thankskilling tanks the moment the malformed turkey puppet lurches into the shot, opens his mouth and lets loose with the eye-roll-inducing Jersey-tinged insults. It simply wasn’t worth the effort, and I’ll watch anything (seriously, Kelli and I watched The Human Centipede; also now available on instant Netflix).

-Rental Rehab post by Tricia


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