Rental Rehab Plays a Game of “Where Are They Now?”

The tagline for Rental Rehab — “where bad movies live” — is meant to suggest that this space on the Internet is here to foster the celebration, examination and discussion of sub-par entertainment. There is hope, of course, that the films and occasional TV shows we discuss have already spent their time “out there” and will no longer continue procreating and causing a menace to society. But occasionally, we catch wind of current news related to Rental Rehab alumni and it sends a cold, hard shiver down our spines.

Below are a few projects from directors/writers/producers who just couldn’t let “shitty enough” be:

Outsourced (originally reviewed 4/10/10)


NBC Outsourced TV show

The humping humiliates us both.


The plodding, xenophobic movie that nobody saw has now become a xenophobic TV show that most everyone seems destined to hate.

Watch an extended trailer for Outsourced, the TV show:

Outsourced (Thursdays on NBC) is an adaptation of the 2007 indie film of the same name. While it seems to follow much of the groundwork laid by the film–including character names, plotline and childish fixation on a correlation between Indian food and diarrhea–there are a few variances, none of which make the show any less offensive to those who don’t like seeing Indians used as one-dimensional punchlines nor palatable for people who like their comedy to be comedic.

Videogum does an excellent job in summarizing the myriad problems in Outsourced, the TV show, all of which were glaring issues in Outsourced, the movie; playing outdated stereotypes for laughs and relying on gross caricatures of a culture instead of finding intelligent ways to talk about the culture shock that would naturally occur when a whitebread American man of privilege is thrust into a diverse community of which he has no real experience.

The Human Centipede (originally reviewed 5/24/10)


The Human Centipede 2 teaser

It's this gross, but times 4!


Tom Six, the Dutch filmmaker of The Human Centipede fame nearly gives himself a hernia with all of the winking at the camera in the “teaser” trailer for The Human Centipede 2 (Full Sequence), an IFC movie which will premiere in 2011.  Six makes a point to say that THIS version is 100% medically inaccurate. Still no comment on whether Six has sought treatment for his crippling case of scatophilia.

Watch the trying-too-hard (seriously, it’s kind of dorky, I almost feel bad for the guy) trailer here:

Then do some early Christmas shopping after browsing this gallery of Human Centipede related kitsch.


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