MacGyver Monday – In Which We Bid Adieu to a Raging Dork

MacGyver Sad Face and Mullet

What do you mean you're "sick of hearing me talk ceaselessly about myself"?! I'd like to tell you how that makes ME feel.

Like a summer romance that goes cold with the first sign of the autumn chill, so thus my torrid affair with MacGyver must come to a close.

While I’ve shared many laughs with at Richard Dead Anderson and his fluffy locks and charming witticisms, it seems that “MacGyver Monday” has run its course.

MacGyver Mime Sad Richard Dead Anderson

Yes, it is sad, Richard. But perhaps for reasons other than intended.

The days are getting shorter (and less hell swampish in South Florida, home to Rental Rehab headquarters) and thereby, it is less appealing to devote an hour of one’s week to listening to Dudley Do-Right prattle on about his aversion to firearms whilst showing us how to make an improvised explosive device using nothing more than some Aqua Net and a tube sock. (Oh. We get it, MacGyver. You like to take your time when performing a kill.)

MacGyver in Bathrobe with guitar

Oh, hello there. I didn't hear you come in. Join me by the fire for a few minutes. I built this guitar myself out of a matchstick, my cat's hair ball and an empty bottle of Wild Irish Rose.

There are only so many ways that one can mock MacGyver for his earnest values and smug self-satisfaction. Likewise, there is little left to say about the show’s Reagan-era disdain for those of a non- “Midwestern”  (read: white American) persuasion. Or for that matter, MacGyver’s painful-to-watch interactions with the fairer sex.

MacGyver Paperclip Tool

Also, there are no fucking paperclip jokes left to make.

It is a shame I couldn’t persevere to Season 4 (heaven help me) to take in “The Challenge,” a “very special” episode in which MacGyver helps a group of inner-city youths confront hate-mongering, racial profiling and budgetary cuts at the local youth center. MacGyver (the show, not the man) is in way over its head in this episode and it’s a real hoot.

MacGyver and Hasselhoff

The only time MacGyver ever looked at ease during an on-camera kiss.

While not having a weekly lecture from MacGyver will certainly leave some sort of void in my Rental Rehab life, plans are in the works for a new regular feature that requires less exhaustive legwork (and exposure to a girlishly coiffed goody-goody).

MacGyver Laser Background

Obviously, I am just using this entry as an excuse to post as many silly photos of MacGyver as I can find.

The new regular feature will likely be shorter (to write and to read) and offer more chance for interaction. Sadly, it will probably not include any useful insights on how to turn drain cleaner and a dish rag into a nuclear bomb or explain how magnets work, but, well, you can’t win them all.

MacGyver Without a Shirt

Yeah....I think we're done here.

Rental Rehab kiss-off by Tricia


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