MacGyver Monday – Prisoner of Conscience

MacGyver With a Missle Over His Shoulder

Why do you keep giggling and mentioning Freud?

Episode:Prisoner of Conscience” season 1, ep. 21

Original air date: April 30, 1986

Mullet Status: Born and bred in the U.S. of A; would probably look pretty cool under an ushanka.

Plot Synopsis: MacGyver heads to Russia, where he and Portly Pete join forces with a young Russian woman to rescue her father–who is being held as a political prisoner–from a mental hospital. To infiltrate the poorly guarded high security ward, MacGyver poses as a mental patient (and later tries to pass himself off as KGB with an American accent), Pete as his personal doctor and the woman, let’s call her Nadia, as misc. hospital help. MacGyver takes this as an opportunity to look down his nose at Russians, Russia and the mentally ill.

I vink I know vhy zat American man vith zee girly hair defeated us.

Outmatched Opponent(s): The entire Russian continent.

Love Interest (Y or N): Nah MacGyver is too much of a goodie-goodie to ever land some tail.

Car Boat Chase? (Y or N): Y

Explosion? (Y or N): Y

Exploding Car Boat Chase? (Y or N): Y

Expository Dialogue? (Y or N): Let me relay this information to you with an awkward passage in which I summarize the events that have transpired outside of this review.

Awkward Zoom for Dramatic Effect? (Y or N): N

Tools of the Trade:

Potato in the exhaust pipe of the Russian secret police’s car (this leads to an explosion)

-Knife, ripped blanket, gasoline cans and life jackets used to create a water blockade during a high-speed boat chase (this leads to an explosion)

-Light bulb; smashed and tungsten filaments used to create lock-picks (“They’re the right size, the right shape.”)

-Metal pail, utility sink, mop, some type of Russian solvent, caulk, rag; used to create a slap-sticky distractive device

-Chessboard; used by a befuddled old hospital patient as a deadly weapon

Quotable Quotes:

1. “I have vo time for veakness!” – Russian chick to MacGyver regarding the approach of the Russian secret police.

2. “I’ve never been to Leningrad before – I hear it’s a real party.” – MacGyver, being a real prick about things.

Thank You, Captain Obvious: “After them!” Russian secret policeman to cronies after jumping into a speedboat in hot pursuit of 3 suspects.

Important Life Lessons: MacGyver can be a real condescending prick.

In Soviet Russia, bad television show watches you!

Rental Rehab review by Tricia


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