MacGyver Monday – The Assassin

It's in my contract: "Mullet will be given full glory by juxtaposing Mr. Anderson with rotund, bald fellow no less than 3 times per episode."

Episode:The Assassin,” season 1, ep. 22

Original air date: May 7, 1986

Mullet Status: Present and accounted for.

Plot Synopsis: MacGyver captures an assassin and then must assume the role of the killer in order to get to the bottom of the plot to kill a Catholic Archbishop.

Outmatched Opponent(s): In an interesting turn of events, MacGyver very nearly meets his match in Piedra, a mustachioed killer-for-hire with an outlandish arsenal of James Bond-like gadgets and a smug, self-satisfied smile that makes Patrick Bateman look like George Michael Bluth.

Love Interest (Y or N): Sort of. His sidekick is a blond woman whose late sister was a call girl murdered by Piedra.  She in turn poses as a call girl in order to kill Piedra, all-the-while not realizing that MacGyver isn’t who she’s looking for! Hilarity ensues. MacGyver: “I know you’ve had a tough time. If you need someone to listen, I’ll listen.”

Car Chase? (Y or N): Y

Explosion? (Y or N): N

Exploding Car Chase? (Y or N): N

Expository Dialogue? (Y or N): What do you think?

Awkward Zoom for Dramatic Effect? (Y or N): Y

Tools of the Trade: MacGyver uses a handily convenient 2×4 to navigate a roadblade tire shredder during a “fast-paced” car chase, but most of the cool gadgets and improvisational skills are left to Piedra who uses a paper cup, a poisoned sewing needle and a pea to break out of his one-man holding cell. Suddenly, that paperclip hand grenade isn’t looking so cool, Mac.

Quotable Quotes:

1. MacGyver: (To Pete after nearly getting killed in hand-to-hand combat with Piedra at the start of the episode) “What took you so long?”

Pete: “I wanted to see who would win.”

MacGyver: “I had him right where I wanted him.”

2. Mac: “You’re the guys who ran us out of the cemetery. Guess I owe you a new set of tires.” (To a group of bodyguards who followed him out of a cemetery during a rather tepid car chase.)

Thank You, Captain Obvious:

“We’re being followed” – MacGyver to his female companion after observing that she had been openly tailed by 2 men who also proceeded to engage the pair in the aforementioned car chase.

Important Life Lessons: Save the triumphant, self-congratulatory assertions of “everything’s alright” and “it’s all over now” and “That assassin sure was a pussy” until you’ve got the closing credits in sight.

Editor’s note: MacGyver Monday is a quick-and-easy weekly analysis of one episode of MacGyver. This feature makes the bold assumption that MacGruber didn’t completely kill any remaining interest in the condition of Richard Dean Anderson’s hair. MacGyver Monday — because we adore alliteration here at Rental Rehab — will continue until it doesn’t.

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5 responses to “MacGyver Monday – The Assassin

  1. I love this – keep up the MacGuyver!

  2. Er…if you keep up the MacGyver, I will go learn how to spell that name…

  3. MacGyver Monday will continue for the foreseeable future. Possibly only interrupted (or enhanced) with the occasional Miami Vice Monday.

  4. Hello to all, the contents present at this site are actually remarkable for people experience, well, keep up the good work fellows.

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