Summer Fun Calls For a Shark Movie

Nothing says spring break like a visit to the mountainous coast of South Florida, and nothing says the start of summer like Memorial Day spent indoors, watching a biologically (and geographically, sociologically, etc.) inaccurate film about the morally driven blood-letting habits of sharks and the mating rituals of former cast members of the WB. Let’s right, folks; it’s shark week! And that can only mean one thing; time for the annual revisiting of Spring Break Shark Attack.

There’s still plenty of time left in your long weekend to enjoy the amicable, if utterly ridiculous, hot made-for-TV “monster” movie mess that is Spring Break Shark Attack.

Grab a lukewarm 30 case of Icehouse (What? That’s what we drank when I was on spring break in Florida. Don’t judge.), a fifth of Jager and some Mike’s Hard Lemonade, sling a keg over your shoulder and head to the party, where you and your friends can gather round the ol’ boob tube and play Rental Rehab guest reviewer Troy Reimink’s Spring Break Shark Attack drinking game.

Caution: Do not attempt to drive–or take your bikini top off and swim in shark-infested waters with a boy you just met–after playing SBSA DG.


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